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I requested the Lanzar VX420s to supplant an arrangement of 'processing plant' 4-inch speakers in the dash of a 1986 Toyota Pickup Truck (really a Sunrader Motorhome). The physical form nature of the speakers is great - cone materials seem extremely strong, decent elastic encompass and an exceptionally generous magnet. The establishment materials were strong, including better than expected speaker link with great terminations. The speakers fit pleasantly in the industrial facility openings, however in the event that the space behind your speakers is tight, you might need to twofold check estimations as the magnet structure on the VX420 is enormous (and substantial).

Once introduced, the sound is, well, stunning! The clearness and imaging is extraordinary. Lanzar has completed an unfathomable activity pressing a great deal of speaker into such a minor bundle. Presently remember that a 4-inch driver wouldn't move a considerable measure of air on the low end of the range, however when they hit, they hit hard and tight. Testing an assortment of music styles, I discovered instruments spoke to normally and the low end tight and clear.

The back speakers in the truck (really the 'mentor' in the RV) give the 'more profound' bass, and I am so awed with the VX420s, that I'm taking a gander at other bigger speakers from Lanzar to supplant the processing plant set. Can barely wait to hear what's straightaway!

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